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Environmental Initiatives

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Basic environmental consideration policy

Energy consumption and CO2 emissions reduction targets

・Our basic policy is reducing energy consumption intensity and CO₂ emissions intensity by 1% annually on average in the entire portfolio and at individual malls under the energy conservation law in the medium to long term.

・The medium to long term target is a 5% reduction from 2014 in the five years from 2015 to 2019.

Achievement of a carbon-free society

AEON Decarbonization Vision 2050

In March 2018, the AEON Group announced AEON Decarbonization Vision 2050, a new challenge for the Group. We aim to help achieve a carbon-free society by 2050 by promoting energy saving and using renewable energy.

Smart AEON

As of December 31, 2019

We launched the Smart AEON initiative in September 2012 to implement the AEON ECO Project. In addition to building facilities that have a lower environmental impact, we have established five criteria (smart energy, electric money and use of the Internet, traffic environment, biodiversity and appearance, and disaster mitigation and local infrastructure), which we focus on in cooperation with local communities. At present, the Investment Corporation owns seven Smart AEON properties.

Promotion of use of electric vehicles

We install battery chargers for electric vehicles to support customers' ecological lives.

"Bring Your Own Shopping Bag Campaign"

The AEON Group has been running the "Bring Your Own Shopping Bag Campaign" since 1991. We aim to get customers to bring their own shopping bags with them to reduce plastic bags at the checkout counter and thereby reduce emissions of CO2, which causes global warming, as well as reducing waste and saving petroleum, a raw material of plastic bags.

AEON Natural Refrigerants Declaration

The AEON Group is starting to change the refrigerants used for freezer cases and refrigerator cases (cold cases) from CFC substitutes to natural refrigerants (CO2). AEON is the first Japanese retailer to start making the change. All new malls that opened from FY2015 use natural refrigerants. Pre-existing malls will also change their refrigerants one by one.
As AEON takes the lead in the use of natural refrigerants and cold cases, it will contribute to establishing engineering standards, easing regulations, and reducing initial costs in cooperation with the national government and manufacturers, which will lead to higher penetration rates and will contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Operation of free shuttle buses

Certain malls operate free shuttle buses.

Solar power generation

We install solar power generation panels on the premises of facilities and use renewable energy.

Use of LED lighting

We promote the use of LED lighting to reduce CO2, enhance the value of assets through environmental consideration and meet the needs of tenants.

Replacement of air conditioning equipment

We replace existing air-conditioning systems with systems that are more efficient and use electricity, gas, and other fuels more efficiently to reduce the environmental impact and monthly costs.

Green lease provision

We enter into agreements that include environmental provisions.

Selection and review of electric power companies

We select electric power companies from among a wide range of electric supply companies, including new power companies (Power Producers and Suppliers, or PPS), taking the cost, stable supply, and the CO2 emissions factor attributable to the power source mix into consideration, among other factors.

Mitigation of snow damage

To mitigate snow damage, we have installed road heating systems at certain properties we own.

Replacement of restroom equipment

We replace restroom equipment regularly and encourage energy and water savings.

Pollution control

Due diligence for properties

We make decisions on the acquisition of properties, taking environmental risk factors on the land into consideration, among other factors. In principle, the property becomes an investment target only if it meets the following condition:

・In the building research report (engineering report), no problems are identified regarding the use and management of hazardous substances.

Conservation of biodiversity


AEON positions planting as an activity for embodying its basic principle: "Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer's point of view as its core."

AEON's Forest Circulation Program

In November 2013, the number of trees planted by AEON exceeded 10 million, and AEON launched the Forest Circulation Program, in which it "plants, nurtures and utilizes" trees.
To commemorate the 25th anniversary of AEON's tree planting, we are conducting activities to use the blessings of nature resulting from the Forest Circulation Program for our lives.

Greenery at facilities and sites

Greenery on the walls of shopping malls not only makes them look attractive but also improves the insulation in buildings, reducing temperature rises inside the buildings and energy consumption for cooling in summer. Greenery around malls makes them harmonize with nature and makes them look like pleasant places for relaxation.

Promotion of resources recycling

Recycling activities

We place at our stores containers to collect paper cartons, food trays, aluminum cans and plastic bottles for recycling precious resources.
We use collected aluminum cans and paper cartons as materials for "TOPVALU" products. In this way, we contribute to building a recycling-oriented society.
We collect all the oil used chiefly in the prepared food department and recycle and use it as an ingredient for soap, feed and fertilizer, among other products.

Use of well water

We filter well water and use it as tap water, including as water used to flush toilets.

Cooperation with business partners

Green procurement

We promote green procurement to encourage ESG initiatives in the entire supply chain for real estate management.

Criteria for selection of property management companies and their evaluation

We have established criteria for the selection of property management companies that manage our properties and evaluate all property management companies once a year, in principle. We evaluate their ability to manage buildings and build and renovate buildings. We also take their environmental consideration, industrial safety and health for employees, and their understanding of and compliance with the Asset Management Company's sustainability policy into consideration.
We cooperate with them to make improvements. We ask them to make proposals about reducing energy and the environmental impact.

Holding events related to sustainability

We hold events related to sustainability at certain properties to raise customers' and communities' awareness of the environment.

Contribution to the environment through real estate investment and management

Investment in facilities that contribute to resource saving, high efficiency and low environmental impact

We undertake renovations of buildings we own that will contribute to reducing the environmental impact based on our plan.