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Property number RSC-32
Property name AEON MALL Fukutsu
Location Fukutsu City,
Fukuoka Pref.
Type Regional shopping center (RSC)

Property Features

Provides various value and functionality ranging from “daily shopping” to “experience” and “community functions”

●The largest commercial establishment in the region covering a wide commercial area with excellent vehicle access
●Promising market area where the population growth of the younger generation continues

Trade-Area Characteristics

●It is located along National Route 3 and about 6 km from the Kyushu Expressway "Koga" I.C. Catchment area within 30 minute drive radius covers roughly 350,000 people.
●It is easily accessible not only from Fukutsu City but also from neighboring Koga City and Munakata City.



Key Property Data

Property name AEON MALL Fukutsu
Address 6-16-1, Himakino, Fukutsu-shi, Fukuoka
Type of specified asset Trust beneficiary interests
Acquisition date September 03,2019
Acquisition price ¥18,040 million
Land Lot area 154,762.22㎡
Building Completion date April 20 , 2012
Structure / Floors Steel-framed, flat roof / 5 stories above ground
Total floor area 100,020.87㎡
Property management company Nomura Real Estate Retail Properties Co.,ltd.
Master lease company AEON Mall Co., Ltd.
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Awards, etc.

●Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification「2019★★★★」