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We (AEON REIT Investment Corporation) entrust the operation and management of our properties to our Asset Manager, AEON Reit Management Co., Ltd.
Pursuant to an asset management agreement that we have entered into with the Asset Manager on December 3, 2012, the Asset Manager will operate and manage our properties entrusted by us in accordance with our articles of incorporation and the scope and policies of asset management as stipulated in the articles of incorporation.

Profile of the Asset Manager

Name AEON Reit Management Co., Ltd.
Address 1-2-1, Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Established March 30, 2012
Paid-In Capital ¥350 million
Shareholder AEON CO., LTD. (100%)
Director Nobuaki SEKI, Representative Director
Major Businesses a.Building lots and building transaction business under the Building Lots and Building Transaction Business Act
b. Discretionary transaction agent business, etc., under the Building Lots and Building Transaction Business Act
c. Investment management business under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act
d. Asset management business for Investment Corporation
e. Real estate management business
f. Administration business for organizational operation of Investment Corporation
g. Purchasing, selling, leasing, and management of real properties, acting as intermediary thereof, and acting as agent or consultant for those activities
h. Property management business and asset management business
i. Any business accompanying or related to any of the preceding matters
License for building lots and building transaction business: Governor of Tokyo (2) No. 94328
Permission for discretionary transaction agent, etc., under the Building Lots and Building Transaction Business Act: Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Permit No. 73
Registration of financial instruments business: Kanto Local Finance Bureau, Director-General (Financial Instruments), No. 2668
Memberships The Investment Trusts Association, Japan
The Association for Real Estate Securitization

Management Structure of the Asset Manager


Board of Directors The Board of Directors makes decisions on management's basic important matters including management strategy. In principle, the Board of Directors holds a meeting at least once every three months. As the management decision-making body, the Board of Directors passes resolutions on statutory matters, and makes decisions on and/or approves basic management policies and important matters related to the execution of business, and supervises the execution of work duties by directors.
Investment Committee Passes resolutions on investment decisions related to the acquisition or disposition, etc. of portfolio properties.
Compliance Committee Confirms that investment decision-related procedures comply with laws, regulations, and internal rules (including checking in the case of related-party transactions) and passes resolutions.
Compliance Officer Oversees matters related to compliance, etc.
Compliance Department Handles matters related to compliance, etc.
Investment Management Department Acquires and sells assets, and researches and analyzes the real estate market and properties.
Asset Management Department Manages assets, manages lessees' credit, manages the risk of portfolio properties, and analyzes and evaluates asset management performance.
Finance and Planning Department Finance Group Formulates and revises financial policy and financing plans, as well as financial matters including finance and fund management.
IR and Planning Group Formulates and revises basic investment policy and portfolio composition policy, and handles IR, corporate communications, disclosure, distribution policy.
Business Administration Department Business Administration Group Handles business administration and various general affairs.
System Group Manages information systems and the development, etc., of such systems.
Accounting Department Handles accounting, financial reporting, and tax matters.