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General Meeting of Unitholders

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According to the provisions of the Investment Trusts Act, certain matters concerning AEON REIT Investment Corporation are to be determined at a general meeting of unitholders comprised of AEON REIT's unitholders. Such matters include the following:

・Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
・Appointment or dismissal of executive and supervisory directors
・Appointment or dismissal of the accounting auditor

Under the Articles of Incorporation, the Investment Corporation is to hold its general meeting of unitholders at a location within Tokyo. The unitholders' meeting is held on October 21, 2021. Based on Section 15 of Article of Incorporation, the investors stated in the final version of investors' registry on July 31, 2021 may exercise their voting rights of this meeting.

5th Unitholders Meeting

August 26, 2021
Notice of Convocation of the 5th Unitholders Meeting   PDF(259KB)

4th Unitholders Meeting

August 27, 2019
Notice of Convocation of the 4th Unitholders Meeting   PDF(178KB)
October 17, 2019
Notice Concerning Resolutions of the 4th General Unitholders Meeting  PDF(65.8KB)

3rd Unitholders Meeting

August 30, 2017
Notice of Convocation of the 3rd Unitholders Meeting  PDF(449KB)
October 16, 2017
Notice Concerning Resolutions of the 3rd General Unitholders Meeting  PDF(117KB)