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AEON MALL Shimotsuma

  • AEON MALL Shimotsuma1
Property number RSC-30
Property name AEON MALL Shimotsuma
Location Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Pref.
Type Regional shopping center (RSC)

Property Features

A community-based, best-in-town AEON Mall

●Opened in 1997 as a neighborhood shopping center anchored by a general merchandising store (GMS) and undergoing renovations to become a mall-type facility in 2008, the property has captured the support of the area’s customers for 20 years.
●The property has a community-based shop composition, housing many local chain shops, and features a high ratio of service-related shops.
●A net lease arrangement, in which repair expenses and capital expenditures are borne by the lessee, is adopted.

Trade-Area Characteristics

●The property is the sole shopping center within a 30 minute drive, and features good access as it is located on a corner where National Routes 125 and 294 cross.
●The location secures stable demand from the neighboring city and town areas, capable of widely attracting customers from around Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Prefecture in the Kanto district.
●The sole large-scale retail facility within a 10-kilometer radius having a store area of over 15,000 m2, the property has established itself as the best-in-town store.



Key Property Data

Property name AEON MALL Shimotsuma
Address 972-1 Azakubota, Horigome, Shimotsuma City, Ibaraki Pref.
Type of specified asset Trust beneficiary interests
Acquisition date September 19,2017
Acquisition price ¥9,552 million
Land Lot area 115,174.82㎡
Building Completion date Newly built: November 17, 1997
Expansion: December 19, 2008
Structure / Floors Steel-framed, flat roof / 3 stories above ground
Total floor area 58,230.40㎡
Property management company Prime Place Co.,Ltd.
Master lease company AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
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