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Property number SRSC-1
Property name AEON LakeTown mori
Location Koshigaya City, Saitama Pref.
Type Super regional shopping center (SRSC)

Property Features

Koshigaya Lake Town's Central Retail Property

●AEON LakeTown mori held its grand opening in October 2008 as the central retail property of Koshigaya LakeTown, a Specific Land Readjustment Project that opened in 2008.
●AEON LakeTown was originally comprised of two shopping centers; AEON LakeTown mori, which is operated by AEON Retail Co., Ltd., and AEON LakeTown kaze, which is operated by AEON Mall Co., Ltd. In April 2011, LakeTown Outlet (which is not part of our portfolio) commenced business on the lot between AEON LakeTown mori and AEON LakeTown kaze, making AEON LakeTown among the largest retail properties in Japan.

Retail Floor Space Among the Largest for Mall-Type Shopping Centers in the Suburbs of the Greater Tokyo Area

●AEON LakeTown mori, with a retail floor space of over 100,000 m², is among the largest mall-type retail properties in the suburbs of the greater Tokyo area. Even among mall-type retail properties operated by Aeon Group, AEON LakeTown mori is a flagship property with top-class sales.
●AEON LakeTown mori is a mall shopping center that combines general merchandise stores directly operated by Aeon Group as its anchor tenants with numerous large-scale specialty stores such as SPORTS AUTHORITY as well as Toyota Mall. There is an open air Garden Walk on the Forest Deck side which connects to LakeTown Outlet.

Trade-Area Characteristics

●According to national census data, when looking at trade-area population by distance from the property, approximately 120,000 people live within a 3 km radius of the property, roughly 384,000 people live within a 5 km radius, and approximately 1,512,000 people live within a 10 km radius. Over 10 km can be covered by car in the north-south direction in 30 minutes. Hence, the trade area of the property captures a large population volume.
●Koshigaya City faces minimal future risk of a population decline and features a large number of young families. It is expected to remain a high-quality trade area in the future.



Key Property Data

Property name AEON LakeTown mori
Address 3-1-1, Laketown, Koshigaya-shi, Saitama
Type of specified asset Trust beneficiary interests (40% quasi co-ownership interest)
Acquisition date November 25,2013
Acquisition price ¥21,190 million
Land Lot area 178,061.02㎡
Building Completion date September 9, 2008
Structure / Floors Steel reinforced concrete, steel-framed, flat roof /4 stories above ground
Total floor area (Note 1)(Note 2) 160,387.00 m²
Property management company Nomura Real Estate Retail Properties Co.,ltd.
Master lease company AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
(Note 1) This property includes a bridge connecting this property building with AEON LakeTown kaze. The portion of this bridge which is included in this property is the portion from the property's building side to the midpoint of the bridge. The area of the bridge included in this property area is not included in the total floor area.
(Note 2) This property includes a total of eight attached buildings, including a parking lot building (43,715.5 m²), three retail store buildings (Total: 1,161.39 m²), three automobile repair buildings (Total: 351.752 m²) and a warehouse (96.04 m²). The floor areas of these buildings are not included in the total floor area of the property.
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Awards, etc.

●International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) / 2011 Global Sustainability Design Award, Gold (Best of the best winners and honorees)
●Senken Shimbun Co., Ltd. / 12th Annual (FY2009) Developers Chosen by Tenants Grand Prize "Innovation Award"
●Institute for Building Environment and Energy Conservation / 9/24/2008 CASBEE for New Construction (Brief version), Rank S Certification
●Acquisition of DBJ Green Building Certification「2019★★★★★」