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AEON MALL Yokkaichi-Kita

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Property number RSC-20
Property name AEON MALL Yokkaichi-Kita
Location Yokkaichi City, Mie Pref.
Type Regional shopping center (RSC)

Property Features

The Most Prominent Shopping Center Rooted in AEON’s Birth Place

●With the AEON Yokkaichi-Kita Store as the anchor tenant, which has the region’s leading supermarket, the property comprises approximately 60 specialty stores including Super Sports XEBIO and Right-on.
●In April 2011, the property undertook renovation and attracted new tenants such as GAP Generation, enhancing the property’s competitiveness.
●On land adjoining the property, AYAHADIO built a large home center complex, DIO WORLD (comprising a home center, a garden center, and an auto center). Customer migration between this complex and the property has produced synergy-related benefits.
●The property includes brick buildings designated as tangible cultural properties by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. The tenants occupying these buildings include longer-stay-customer tenants such as a fitness club “Curves” and a childcare center “Kindergarten.”

Trade-Area Characteristics

●AEON MALL Yokkaichi-Kita is located in Yokkaichi City, which is the birth place of AEON and the most populated city in Mie Prefecture.
●The property is close to National Highways 1 and 23 (Meishi Bybass), which serve as Mie Prefecture’s main roads, and offers potential for attracting demand from the areas of high population density in surrounding municipalities.
●The surrounding area has seen considerable condominium development, and many young families live in the area.
●The property is also close (a 1 minute walk) to Tomida Station on the JR Kansai Main Line.



Key Property Data

Property name AEON MALL Yokkaichi-Kita
Address (Note 1) 2-40, Tomisuhara-cho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie
Type of specified asset Trust beneficiary interests
Acquisition date February 18,2015
Acquisition price ¥2,210 million
Land Lot area (Note 1) 83,994.09㎡
Building Completion date (Note 2) Building 1:January 23, 2001
Building 2:Unknown
Structure / Floors (Note 2) Building 1:Steel-framed, flat roof / 4 stories above ground
Building 2:Bricks / Steel-framed tiles / Alloy-plated steel sheet roof, 1 story above ground
Total floor area (Note 2) Building 1:39,821.19 m²
Building 2:1,101.69 m²
Property management company GEO AKAMATSU CO., LTD.
Master lease company AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
(Note 1) Includes the leased land portion of 83,994.09㎡. Part of the land is leased land and the Lot area represents the area of such land.
(Note 2) There are two buildings on the site and two stores (251.51㎡ and 252.00㎡)and a warehouse(20.94㎡)are attached to one of the buildings (Building 1). The total floor area of the attached buildings is not included in the Total floor area.
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