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Property number RSC-8
Property name AEON MALL Meiwa
Location Taki County, Mie Pref.
Type Regional shopping center (RSC)

Property Features

The Largest Shopping Center in the Area, Primary Trade Area Includes Matsusaka City and Ise City in Mie Prefecture

●This property, which opened in July 2001, is the largest shopping center in the trade area comprising Matsusaka City and Ise City in Mie Prefecture.
●The shopping center is centered on a general merchandise store directly operated by Aeon Group. A mall connects the general merchandise store with sub-anchor stores. The property has a typical two-floor retail format, and sub-anchor tenants include Joshin Meiwa and 109 Cinemas Meiwa. This shopping center is comprised of roughly 70 specialty shops.
●Its parking lots are spread evenly around the shopping center buildings, and there is also rooftop parking, making this a very convenient property.
●This trade area is the home territory of the Aeon Group, and given the fact that Aeon Group enjoys a competitive edge, despite the fact that the mall is short in terms of size, compared to the surrounding stores, it is an attractive shopping center where shoppers enjoy spending long periods of time.

Trade-Area Characteristics

●According to national census data, when looking at trade-area population by distance from the property, approximately 24,000 people live within a 5 km radius, and roughly 161,000 people live within a 10 km radius. Also according to the census data, when looking at trade-area population by car travel time, population is increasing, particularly due to the residential areas to the north and south of National Highway 23, and the number of people who can travel by car to the property within 30 minutes greatly exceeds the population living within a 10 km radius, meaning the property can attract customers from a wide area.



Key Property Data

Property name AEON MALL Meiwa
Address 1223, Nakamura, Meiwa-cho, Taki-gun, Mie
Type of specified asset Trust beneficiary interests
Acquisition date November 25,2013
Acquisition price ¥3,290 million
Land Lot area (Note 1) 119,688.28㎡
Building Completion date Building 1: August 6, 2001
Buildings 2, 3: February 21, 2012
Structure / Floors Building 1: Steel-framed, flat roof / 3 stories above ground
Buildings 2, 3: Light steel, galvanized steel sheet roof / 1 story above ground
Total floor area Building 1: 44,126.82 m²
Buildings 2, 3: 33.49 m² each
Property management company Jones Lang Lasalle K.K.
Master lease company AEON Retail Co., Ltd.
(Note 1) Includes leased land portion (114,637.60 m²) and leased land portion subject to a free-charge lease agreement (shiyō-tai-shaku), (3,705.46 m²).
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