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Environmental Initiatives

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1. Framework for sustainability

Sustainability Promotion Committee

General manager who exerts control over relevant matters shall make proposals (presentations) on specific steps toward implementing and achieving sustainability-related policies and goals to members of the Committee, including the president and representative director, at a meeting of the Sustainability Promotion Committee, which shall be determined by the chairperson of the Committee (president and representative director) who has the authority to make final decisions.

A meeting of the Sustainability Promotion Committee shall be held at least once quarterly to examine progress towards goals such as energy savings set out in the current year and the implementation of relevant measures, as well as examining goals and the details of measures to be adopted in the following year.

2. Sustainability Policy

The AEON Group has adopted the AEON Sustainability Principle,, a policy for the entire group aiming to achieve further progress in the development of the sustainable society. Based on this principle, the AEON Group is pursuing a course of sustainable management while addressing its priority agenda, including the “realization of a zero-carbon society,” “conservation of biodiversity,” and “promotion of resource recycling” for the environment. The agenda also includes social issues to be addressed such as the “development of products and stores that are capable of meeting people’s expectations in society,” “embedding respect for human rights across business operations,” and “collaborations with local communities.”

Furthermore, in recent years, the need for care and consideration over Environmental, Social and Governance-related issues (hereinafter referred to as "ESG") has started to gain widespread recognition in the world of asset management. This reflects the idea, based on factors such as the toughening of environmental regulations and the shifting awareness of tenants and customers, that consideration for ESG issues is imperative to sustain and enhance property value over the medium to long term.

With its basic philosophy of contributing to the enrichment of people's lives and local communities through investment in retail facilities and related properties, the Investment Corporation aims to ensure stable income in the medium to long term by investing in assets that form the backbone of local communities and their lifestyle infrastructure. Based on the idea that consideration for ESG in all aspects of work--and cooperation with stakeholders to facilitate it--are important in order to achieve the realization of these philosophies and goals, the Asset Manager has formulated a Sustainability Policy, and is working towards its implementation.

Ⅰ Environmental Initiatives

(1) In order to achieve the realization of a low-carbon society, we will work to continuously improve energy efficiency at the retail facilities and other property assets that we manage, and to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases through the use of renewal sources of energy.
(2) We will promote peaceful coexistence with the natural environment by paying consideration to the conservation of ecosystems, and through tree planting activities and other real estate management initiatives at the retail facilities and other property assets that we manage.
(3) In order to achieve sustainable use of resources, we will work towards conservation and recycling of resources through the promotion of water saving and the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) with regard to the use of resources at the retail facilities and other property assets that we manage.
(4) We will observe and conform to environmental-related laws and regulations, etc., and endeavor to prevent environmental pollution.

Ⅱ Reduction target related to energy consumption and CO₂ emission

Because the asset management company develops the energy-saving policy and the greenhouse gas emission reduction policy and practices the basic principle stated in the policy on sustainability, an operational policy is provided for improving the energy efficiency of the real estate portfolio owned by the investment corporation. Based on this policy, the asset management company makes efforts to consistently reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emission.

(1) Setting the total amount of energy consumption and CO₂ emission or target for the reduction of specific consumption

The basic mid- and long-term goal is a reduction of specific energy consumption and CO₂ emission by 1% of the annual average throughout all the portfolios, each property, and in compliance with the Act on the Rational Use of Energy.
The mid- and long-term goal is a 5% reduction over the five-year period from 2015 to 2019, with the 2014 figure considered as the standard.
For properties to which the global warming-related local governances apply, the target values will be set on a property basis.

(2) Management of targets

Budget control for confirming and analyzing the degree of achievement of actual value versus the targets, etc. is generally performed every three months.

Ⅲ Initiatives for Society

(i)Initiatives implemented by and for employees

Participation in community cleaning activities by employees of the Asset Management Company. (once a month)
Implementation of sustainability training programs for all managers of the Asset Management Company (more than once a year)
Surveys on employees' attitude
The Asset Management Company conducts a morale survey (one of the surveys on employee attitude) every two years for all employees to understand the opinions they have and values with respect to their assignments as well as their level of satisfaction at work, thereby creating better working conditions. (The last survey was conducted in July 2017)

(ⅱ) Cooperation with Stakeholders

(1) By carrying out education and training with regard to environmental issues, we will endeavor to raise the environmental awareness of our corporate officers and to pay care and attention to the diversity and work life balance of our employees.
(2) By utilizing the total, comprehensive power of the AEON Group, we will endeavor to provide comfortable work environments to the employees of end tenants/associates taking residence at the retail facilities and other property assets that we manage, as well as those of other partner companies, and work to build a sound and healthy cooperative relationship.
(3) In order to facilitate the advancement of ESG initiatives across the entire supply chain for our real estate operations, we will endeavor to implement a green procurement (Note 1) strategy.
(4) We will provide support for volunteer activities and places/opportunities for people from local communities to gather for educational and information exchanges, and endeavor to cooperate with communities as a hub for reconstruction efforts in times of disaster.
(5) We will proactively disclose information regarding ESG issues to investors and endeavor to communicate openly with them. We will also work continuously towards obtaining Green Building certification (Note 2) at the retail facilities and other property assets that we manage.
(Note 1) "Green procurement" is a term for product and service procurement efforts that involve preferentially selecting recycled goods and other environmentally conscious products, and suppliers engaged in initiatives that contribute to reducing the burden placed on the environment, etc.
(Note 2) "Green Building certification" is a term for certifications granted by assessment institutions to buildings that meet (or surpass) a certain level of environmental performance (including energy saving, water saving, waste reduction, interior environment and use of site premises, etc.) Some representative Green Building certifications include the CASBEE and DBJ Green Building certifications.